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Logging (since 0.2.2)

ContainerSSH comes with configurable logging facilities. At this time only JSON logging is supported, but the log level can be configured.

The configuration can be done from the config file:

  level: "warning"


You can configure the log level on a per-user basis using the configuration server.

The supported levels are in accordance with the Syslog standard:

  • debug
  • info
  • notice
  • warning
  • error
  • crit
  • alert
  • emerg

The JSON log format

The JSON log format outputs one line to the output per message. The message format is:

  "timestamp":"Timestamp in RFC3339 format",
  "level":"the log level",
  "message":"the message (optional)",
  "details": {
    "the detail object if any (optional)"


The JSON logger writes to the standard output regardless of log level.


In case a fatal application crash (panic) the crash log will end up on the stderr. Make sure to capture that as well for emergency debugging.